TEFL Job Placement

ICEP TEFL Training offers you TEFL Job Placement for life guaranteed. Only TEFL schools of top quality are able to offer graduates this service and at ICEP TEFL we are on the vanguard of this field.

Our institution has established a vast network of partner schools that look up to us when it comes to hiring competent and qualified teachers. More than 1500 schools from north to south of Mexico call upon us year round looking for teachers. The same goes for worldwide job placement, we count with an expert job placement team that can secure employment for you worldwide.

The premium components of our Job Placement Service that you will find only through us include:

  • Lifetime Job Placement Service
  • Career Development and Counseling
  • Personalized Online Teaching Portfolio Webpage
  • Professional Custom Tailored CV/Resume
  • Video Resume
  • Video Demo Lesson

Best of all, you get it all for FREE. That’s right, this is a FREE service for all our graduates.

Potential Schools to Work in Mexico

Potential Schools to Work Worldwide