The ICEP TEFL Course in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico exceeds international standards by offering you 140 hours of training in 4 weeks. Unlike many other TEFL providers, ICEP TEFL not only offers you vanguard classroom training on English as a Foreign Language Teaching but also offers extensive practical experience on Content Language Integrated Learning.

At ICEP TEFL your 140 hour training experience is divided into:

  • 120 Hours of Classroom Training Sessions

  • 10 Hours Observed English as a Foreign Language Teaching

  • 5 Hours of Content Language Teaching

  • 5 Hours of Teaching Observation

The daily schedule is 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM and divided into 3 sections:

Classroom Training Sessions

Covering English grammar, phonetics, classroom management techniques and principles of teaching.

Lesson Planning Workshops

Learn how to create lesson plans and prepare the lesson for your teaching practice

Teaching Practices

Time for you to teach the lesson you have prepared!

You will have a 1 hour lunch break from 1:00 to 2:00 PM. There are several restaurants near the school where you can walk in for a delicious and inexpensive meal.

The training is quite intensive but only Monday through Friday. The weekends are all yours to explore the coastal paradise that is Puerto Vallarta. As an additional value we organize 3 excursions for you at no extra cost. You will visit the nearby beaches of San Pancho and Sayulita as well as an extensive Puerto Vallarta city tour. Not only do we want you to be an excellent English teacher but we also want you to have tons of fun in the sun while you do it.