Living in Puerto Vallarta Teaching English



You just completed the ICEP TEFL Course in Puerto Vallarta and you decided to stay and teach English there. No problem, ICEP will find you a job in Puerto Vallarta. Living in Puerto Vallarta Teaching English will be an awesome life experience.



TEFL teachers want an experience that will enrich their lives, get to know a different culture, meet people who have a different outlook on life and seek thrilling adventures.



Well, Sayulita is the place that will deliver that lifestyle. Your weekly English classes are going well and your students are happy because they are learning  English.  Now it’s time for the weekend.



You head out to Sayulita: a picturesque fishing village located 30 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta. There you’ll find a surfer’s paradise, a bohemian lifestyle, discover incredible hidden beaches, activities like fishing, swimming, snorkeling, horseback riding, golf, paddle boarding, lush jungles, camping out….well you get the picture. It’s not a place for a boring experience.



So there you have it. Sayulita…safe and affordable. It’s like living in the 60’s and 70’s.


Teaching English in Puerto Vallarta has many benefits: very good quality of life, beautiful, exotic, pristine and exquisite beaches, vibrant nightlife, multi ethnic cuisine and very affordable cost of living.


But like any other profession, there are days that will be exhausting: your English class did not go as you planned it, students were not attentive and so on. So what do you do? You go to a spectacular beach that’s 15 minutes from Puerto Vallarta: NAHUI!!!!


You sit on a cliff overlooking the green emerald Pacific Ocean, gentle waves and a soothing breeze lets you forget the stressful day. After a while you’ll feel energized and full of life, knowing that tomorrow will be a beautiful day in Paradise.