TEFL Testimonial Cierra

Throughout my class time, my observations, and my teaching practices, I have learned and gained knowledge and experience. I still have a lot of room to grow but that comes with time and more experience.
I feel that I have improved with my teaching practices, not just because the grade has increased but because I have learned how to make a better and more detailed lesson plan. When I taught level one, I enjoyed it because it was the foundation that I was giving and I know how important that is. I can relate to how they feel because I remember when I first started learning Spanish. The level nine was more complex with more conversation, so conversing with them in L2 was much easier. I got to know them better because they are more advanced.
Managing the class was easy because the students do not misbehave. A student or two would start talking and get distracted but I was able to get them back on track and continue with the lesson. The students did a lot of pair work and I think I was entertaining to them.  I need to work on the pace, when there is a lot of reading or writing to do, depending on the class.
I will only become a better teacher with time and experience. My mind is still young and growing and I catch on easy, I just sometimes need to be told exactly what to do. Each school and each class is different and I understand I will have to implement different techniques at different times. Having a job right after the course was amazing!

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