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My overall experience earning my TEFL certification at ICEP TEFL Academy in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico has been great. Before coming here, I did not know what to expect and that made me fearful. I did not know how I could learn to be a teacher in a one-month time span. It seemed like too much for a short period of time. Once the first day of class was over I was more confident in how things were going to be done because we went over a course overview. This was perfect for me because I was then able to put my only fear about becoming a teacher aside. From grammar review to classroom management most aspects of being a teacher have been reviewed and taught. I have learned a lotduring this month that I have been living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.


My teaching skills have developed tremendously. I have learned how to manage a classroom, present new information and create a lesson plan. With these skills I will be able to more easily adapt to my new job as a TEFL teacher. I have seen a great improvement in the way I present information. I am able to come up with more activities and questions to give my students a variety of ways to learn. I am less nervous in the classroom therefore; I am able to more comfortably discuss or introduce different topics that expand conversation.


I need more growth in being able to answer questions that I did not expect. I have learned that it is ok to look things up using technology or a dictionary. For my last few teaching practices I have used this tactic and it was extremely helpful. I also would like to deviate from the book more. I learned how to do this towards the end of my practices. I see how helpful this is to the student and it makes the class a bit more fun and interesting.


The ICEP TEFL staff has all been very helpful in leading me through earning my TEFL certification. Through them I have learned how to teach a grammar lesson, how to create and execute an excellent lesson plan, how to be personable with students and other classroom tactics. Having these teachers’ help was one of the greatest assets to the program.


The school in its entirety, technology, classrooms and other resources, was enough to create and execute great lesson plans. The book I was given as well as the teacher books were very helpful. They enabled me to see how to begin a class with a catchy “Lead In” for the students. Any supplies I needed were available and this made things very easy. Wifi was a tremendous asset as well. I was able to use my computer and phone to reach the internet to find different answers and activities that were not in the books.


Being a student at ICEP has been a great learning experience and a pleasure. Grammar, teaching tactics, classroom management and assistance from other TEFL teachers at ICEP have all given me what I need as a teacher.  I have learned a vast amount of information that I feel confident will help me succeed in my new career as a TEFL teacher.

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