Travel and Work! Keeping the Wanderlust Alive

If you have an exotic landscape as your background, read more maps than books, research new destinations in your free time, and get weekly e-mails with discounted flight rates, then you might be a traveler in workforce clothing. Chances are that you find your daily work grind to be the shackles of your existence and it’s only until you’re on the road or in the sky that you finally feel free.
There are two sides to the spectrum: those who shrink away from long-term career offers that they know would hinder their travel days and those who are so involved in their day-to-day tasks that traveling is something they only dream about. If you’re unwilling to commit to the vagabond life or the die-hard career life, then the answer lies in the middleground.
Travel While You Work
For some careers, traveling can enhance your work productivity. Freelance artists (writers, photographers, etc.) can easily work away from home, as well as most businessmen, and scientists. Whether you are doing field work, gathering materials, or attending a relevant seminar, you can create the opportunity to have a “working vacation.” If you’re a student, then PLEASE study abroad or take the summer off and explore. Whatever the case, if you’ve got the kind of job that would let you do it, then find the place and go!
Work Hard Travel Harder
If you don’t have the kind of job that would let you travel while you work, then seize every opportunity to travel! Take a trip on holidays, save up your sick days for an epic month-long trip, and make weekends into mini-adventures. I know this means that you have to work extra hard for a bit, but that saying didn’t come out of nowhere. Trust me, it’s worth the rush of fresh air. If you’re not someone with a career or obligations then work extremely hard for 3-5 months during high-season, blow it off for the rest of the year, and do it all over again!
Make Time Not Excuses
I know that the grind can get the best of you. The appointments, deadlines, parties, hobbies, and oh my gosh why are there always dishes in the sink!?! But that’s when you need to slow down and ask yourself what you really want. If your priority is your career, or to have a hoppin’ social life, or to have your house featured on HGTV, then that’s okay! But you probably wouldn’t be reading this article. You’re here because traveling is your priority now and you’re ready to get some perspective- far away from the routine of your life. So when you say you don’t “have time” to travel, then it’s time to make some. You’re more in control than you think.
On the Cheap
Is economics the only thing holding you back from your adventure? All you need is a traveler’s credit card, an e-mail price check alert with Kayak, and the resolve to go through with it. Credit cards always have a bunch of promotional sign-up offers just to get you going and airlines have a new sale every week. Get your mind to it, pool your resources, pick a place, and once that price drops then make it happen! Don’t let your bank account dictate what you can and can’t do, you’re better than that I promise.
Eyes on the Prize
You’re in a travel drought, stuck in a whirlwind of obligations, and your inspiration feels like it’s being sucked out of you. It’s gotten to the point where you wish there was a “resent” button for all of the nature pictures on your Instagram feed. This is not the time to give up and accept your fate. This is the time to dig deep and pull your passions up for the world to see. Spin the globe around and see where your finger lands, go to the bookstore and run through the travel aisles, become absorbed with a new place and let your daydreams run their course. You have to feel it first.
So, sometimes life is pretty overbearing, but it’s all about finding the balance. How do YOU cope with your travel urges? Shed some light on us!

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