Top 5 Latin American Countries To Teach English In

Top 5 Latin American Countries To Teach English In
Sprawling, untouched landscapes, with affordable delicacies, and a relaxing atmosphere: the essence of Paradise. Whenever we think about Latin America, that’s what comes to mind. Latin America is an alluring destination to teach English due to its laid back culture, where the students are eager to learn and the processing logistics are simple. You might not leave with much savings, but you’ll get paid enough to live comfortably and to experience the bounties of each country. With beaches, rivers, mountains, jungles, and a population yearning for the English language, there are a lot of Latin American countries that have the perfect balance of practicality and adventure. Here are our favorites:


As the neighbor of The United States, Mexico offers endless opportunities for English teachers. It is the most populous Spanish-speaking country in the world, with one of the largest and most diversified economies. With a booming industry in tourism, global trade, and natural resources, learning English is a necessary asset from business executives to waiters and to doctors alike. Because of its high demand for English, Mexico is the only Latin country where you can find an English teaching job year round. Teaching English as a Specific Purpose (ESP) is also utilized greatly as well as plenty of Language Centers and high schools. Not to mention, the vastness of Mexico offers outdoor activities from dune bugging in the desert to scuba diving in the World’s Aquarium and exploring the numerous “Magic Towns.” There will never be a dull moment!
Costa Rica
Consistently ranked as one of the happiest countries in the world, and a gem of the Latin world, Costa Rica is one of the best places to teach English. With high human development, a rapidly growing economy, and a progressive environmental policy, heck, who wouldn’t want to live there? With lush rainforests, pristine beaches for surfing, and arguably the juiciest fruit in the world, Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Ecotourism is a hot market there right now, so locals are ravenous to learn English. Leave the tie and power suits at home, teachers! You’re in Paradise now.
Affectionately known as the California of South America, Chile is an extremely diverse landscape, with a long coastline, high mountains in the North, and Patagonia to the south, with a world class wine producing region in the middle. In Chile there is a steady, stable, thriving economy and the demand for English grows with it. It is probably one of the only Latin countries where obtaining a legal work visa is the norm, and where the salary for teachers will make you feel like middle class. Cities like Santiago, Valparaiso, or Concepción are where you can find a majority of jobs. No matter what you’re into, there is something for everyone.
Colombia has been on the up-and-up for two decades now after suffering from drug violence and political turmoil (see: Netflix’s Narcos). Upon eradicating the world’s biggest drug lord and all of his bannermen, Colombia has been able to stabilize politically and reform economically to become one of the fastest growing economies in Latin America. And where there is money, there is English. Bogota and Medellin have become centers of commerce and culture, known for their colorful markets and hoppin’ nightlife. Colombia has beautiful beaches, the best coffee ever, and a fascinating history (see: Netflix’s Narcos (seriously).
Peru is a wondrous place to live, from the soaring beauty of the Andes and the legendary rain forests of the Amazon to the enchanting mystery of Machu Picchu and the colonial charm of Cusco. Since the 2000s, Peru has experienced an economic boom from improving trade terms with the United States, meaning, you guessed it, English is becoming more and more necessary to ensure good business. You can find most jobs in Peru’s capital city of Lima, the largest and most economically centralized city.
If your skin is aching for Vitamin D, your soul yearns for the fresh air in the mountains, and your muscles need recovering in the relaxing ocean currents, then you need the Latin American treatment. For teachers, Spanish-speaking students will always make you feel like a friend as well as a respected member of society without all of the stuffiness. Here, you’re practically required not to take things too seriously; instead, it’s high-time to take it easy and have fun while you teach. So, readers! What else do you want to know about teaching in Latin America before buying your ticket?

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