Looking Forward To My Travels

The best way to keep me going is to look toward the future. Putting one foot in front of another just so I don’t sink into the appealing yet dreadful quicksand of a stagnant, complacent, albeit comfortable life. While I scramble trying to prioritize my life, I realize that traveling is a necessary component to a well-rounded mindset. But there are still so many things that I think about before I set my plans to stone. These are some factors I consider during my thought process:
Which Country Is Hoppin’ Right Now


Economic stability, political goings-on, major social events, the weather, there’s so much happening everywhere all the time that it makes it seem impossible to just pick a place! So I’ll write down the first 5 countries that pop into my head and research until my head explodes. Wikipedia, BBC Country Profile, and Google Maps become verbs at this point as I become a sponge for all pertinent information. Each country has so much to offer but in the end there can only be one, and from there I can decide on other, more personal, directions.
What Lifestyle Do I Want


I’m a pretty adaptable person and I want to feel all variations and shades of life, so figuring out what I want to embody on my next adventure is a biggie. Do I want a job and an apartment? Or a couchsurfing, vagabond life? Maybe just a quick and comfy touristy visit at an Air BnB? How about a volunteering gig at a local’s with room and board? It basically comes down to where I want to sleep, how much money I’m willing to work with, and what I want to pack. This also determines how long I’m going to stay. Mostly, though, it’s about immersing yourself fully into the culture, no matter how you want to approach it.
What Do I Want To Take Away From The Experience


I know that traveling will teach me things that books can’t, but why am I really doing this? Am I doing this to improve my resume, enrich my cultural perspective, or to push myself to the extremes to see what I’m made of? This is when I realize my priorities and what I want to make of them. Right now, I’m a teacher, writer, and avid explorer, so which one of these am I going to enhance? In the end, I’m one big whole encompassing it all, and strengthening one aspect of myself will inevitably shape another.
Where Will I Go From There


Life is like a chess game, at least to me, and I always want to stay 6 steps ahead. Even though I know, from experience, that nothing ever goes as planned and that I should just renounce all control to save myself the headache. However, I still need to make a logical sequence of things for my own sake. It’s good to exhibit some self-evaluation, right? If I know what I want to come next, then I know how to steer situations so I can start making my dreams come true. If I don’t know my dreams, then I won’t make anything happen for myself. Keep dreaming, y’all!
Am I Ready?


Ah, the time and true question that transcends all questions: Am. I. Ready? Subsequently, it turns into this self-deprecating downward spiral of doubts: is this even what I want? Is the timing right? Can I afford to do this? Do I even have the right clothes?! Nevermind, I don’t want to do this. You don’t want to put yourself in any sticky situations but you also don’t want to suffer from the proverbial Analysis Paralysis, so you might as well just forget the whole thing and stay on the Netflix and Chill grind. Don’t let yourself be another casualty of complacency! At some point you gotta shush your mind and put your clicking-finger to work. Buy the tickets. It’s now or never. You are ready.
You can probably tell that I’m a sincerely and seriously organized introspective individual. Maybe you’re the laid back figure-it-out-as-you-go type or the impulsive jump-now-think-later type. Even so, these are still important questions to ask at any time of your travels! Before, during, or after, everyone can benefit from a little soul searching. What are some of your insights when planning for travel? It’s your turn to share your thought process!

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