What’s Not to Like About Puerto Vallarta

Complaining is an aspect deeply embedded into our human DNA coding. Maybe it’s the first world privilege talking, but I can whine about anything! But the truth is that anyone can complain, and they choose to. It takes true character to look into the dark abyss of imperfection and shine the light into it. These are some of the negative things I’ve caught myself saying about Puerto Vallarta, only to (quickly) realize are actually blessings.


“It’s so humid I feel like I’m swimming.”


This is true. It is hot and it is humid. But you know what else? You’re surrounded by the ocean! You can literally walk across the street and jump in it! It’s easy to work up a sweat after a day of sightseeing, but at the end of it all you can cool off in the ocean and reflect while watching a sunset. It really doesn’t get better than that.


“Everyone just sell tacos.”


So that’s an exaggeration, there are a lot of other things to eat here. Enchiladas, yum! Have you ever tried an enfrijolada? They’re delicious! And the tacos here are not “just” tacos. There are mahi mahi tacos, octopus tacos, shrimp tacos, tuna, chicken, beef, so many tacos!!! And they’re all $2!! Everyday is Taco Tuesday!!!


“I don’t even speak Spanish.”


The language barrier can be frustrating and it might deter you from engaging in even the most simple dialogues. The difference here is that the people on the receiving end are genuinely trying to understand you, instead of writing you off as a typical tourist. Through all the extravagant charading, there was laughter and a sense of understanding. Whether you’re crawling or stumbling along, at least the friendly Puerto Vallartenses are there to hold your hand.


“This place is so touristy it doesn’t even feel like Mexico.”


PV is a resort town so there’s a Wal-Mart, Domino’s, KFC, Burger King, and a lot of other chains from the US. While it can be disheartening to see them while you’re on vacation, it’s also pretty cool to grab a Whopper in Mexico, especially when they make their own Jalapeno ketchup. When you start feeling a little homesick it’s nice to eat something familiar, and what’s more American than a tub of fried chicken?


“Everyone is always trying to sell me something.”


When you’re trying to relax on the beach or have a conversation while you walk down the street, there will be a lot of offers to buy things. It’s easy to get frustrated with them but you gotta respect their hustle! These people are lugging around merchandise in hot weather all day long without complaint doing what they have to do to feed themselves and their families. You don’t have to buy what they’re selling, but you can at least respect that. Welcome to a different way of life!


“I can’t even drink the water here.”


Okay so you probably shouldn’t order tap water at a restaurant. However, why would you want to when beers are $1? That’s right. $1. And even if you’re not a drinker, restaurants offer natural juices in lieu of water. They’ll take mangos, pineapple, coconut, what have you, and liquefy them into a refreshing (and healthy) beverage. That’s even BETTER than water!


Basically, don’t let the negativity get the best of you. Take a deep breath and gain a bit of insight. There will always be something that isn’t perfect, so your attitude is everything. Finding the energy to be grateful for every moment is very powerful and you’ll find yourself enjoying life a lot more. So build up that light, friends! And it will spread onto others. Are there any qualms you have with Puerto Vallarta? Share them with us.

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