Travel Abroad: A Source of Artistic Inspiration



A Muse is calling you. She is dressed in a sublime landscape, a century old painting, the flavors in an exotic meal. Whether you snap a selfie and post it on Instagram, jot down a quick line of poetry, or recreate that exotic dish, She is working through you. Stepping outside of yourself and witnessing the Glory of Expression can only incite you to do the same.
Even if you’re not the “artsy type,” the overwhelming amount of beauty you experience while traveling is bound to spur a tingling sensation of creativity. How can you not be inspired by seeing the vivid colors in Morocco? Or when you feel the spiritual energy in Tibet? How about viewing all of the astounding art spread throughout Europe? The truth is: when you start traveling, your soul cracks wide open and begs to express itself in any way it can.
You may not be the next Ludwig Beethoven, Frida Kahlo, or Leonardo da Vinci, but the artistic compulsion is within you. Don’t let that one high school art class dictate your potential in the arts. You just haven’t found your medium yet. Maybe you can’t hold a tune to save your life, but you make the kind of lasagna that gives someone a religious experience. So you’re not a painter, but you work with wood the way Michelangelo chiseled marble. There are so many ways you can create ART.
Writing, painting, music- these may be what the norm has considered “true art.” But the scope is not that narrow. There is a spectrum of talents (just watch any viral YouTube video). And there’s no better way to make art, than to experience it first. A life-altering cappuccino in Italy might awaken your passion for creating the perfect cup of coffee every morning. The point is: if you love it, then make it. And share it with everyone. No matter what it is.
The most renowned artists of the world had to travel for inspiration, too. Van Gogh was Dutch and he received most of his inspiration in France from the Impressionist painters. The influential Modernist writers in the 20s fled from America to be expats in Paris, where they created their most brilliant work. Why not follow suit? If you could go anywhere to feel inspired, where would you go?

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