TEFL Trainee Testimonial Ruben

I was scared, confused and undecided. I felt as if I were lost with no direction. I ran into an advertisement for Teaching English as a foreign language, this is something that I had thought about doing but was never adventurous enough to make the move. I finally did it! I enrolled! So this is where I begin…


My flight is delayed so I’m freaking out. I arrive about an hour late, and there he is my TEFL trainer waving a paper that had my name on it. Was this them? Was this it? I was grateful for them being there. We hear so many stories about how Americans went to visit and never came back or things like the taxi driver took his money then dropped him off in the middle of no where. I’ve never been to Puerto Vallarta so I’m oblivious to time and location. I have no possible clue as to where I’ll be residing for the next month. My roommates have arrived days before but I have no means of communication. The ICEP TEFL staff is very tech savvy and was able to get a hold of my roommates via internet communication and find my condo via GPS navigation thus facilitating my arrival.


The TEFL course in Mexico begins and I’m freaking out! I can’t remember the last time I reviewed grammar terms. It’s day one and I’m thinking I’m not going to make it. There I am following along and trying my best to adjust to this new atmosphere. I know it will take some time but I’m thrilled and my desire for the TEFL certificate is in full effect. Our trainer shows good classroom management skills (only 4 students in class) and is a character! It’s a fun lecture and manages to keep us focused. The week is not even over and we have been informed that we have our first teaching practice. Am I ready? I don’t know if I can teach a class for one whole hour. Let’s do this!


I introduce myself, the students introduce themselves. Everything is going great today’s lesson was follow up with homework, following an exam. I’m glad because I was able to “get my feet wet” in the classroom. I feel more relaxed not attempts and I feel like I’ll be able to go ahead and take control of the classroom and be able to teach what is expected. By the third lecture I had given I was already comfortable and I kept telling myself what a good choice I had done because teaching English felt so rewarding. I will have to mention that as I have my strong points I have my weak points my strong points as that I am I believe military style teacher and I like for the work to get done correctly and immediately. My TEFL trainer constantly reminded me about being patient with students. I don’t take constructive criticism very well so that took time for me to intake.


It’s been a great experience and I don’t want to leave but the time has come to show the world what ICEP TEFL in Puerto Vallarta is all about! I’m going global! Ready or not here I come.



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