5 Advantages of TEFL Courses for College Students


For a 20-something year old in your college years, the world can seem like a very big and very scary place. When you’re getting your TEFL, though, it becomes more and more exciting! As opportunities present themselves, the path to your future lights up. Here are 5 advantages for any ordinary college student on the road to self discovery:


Guaranteed Jobs

Everyone keeps talking about how competitive the job market is and how difficult it is to find a job that pertains to your degree and how doomed we all are; how intimidating is that? Especially for a newcomer to the workforce. Well, upon getting your TEFL, you have instant access to hundreds of thousands of schools in any place you want to be! You’ll start building your resume, gaining real life world experience on an international scale, and ultimately reaping the benefits of everything this world has to offer starting with this very first step. The hardest part at that point is to narrow down your options!


Get Rich!

In adventures! You probably won’t be able to buy the new Smart TV or a water bed, but who needs stuff to weigh you down when you can float to your new experiences? Without the competitive element of materialism, you’ll heighten your senses to the myriad of perspectives just waiting to be unlocked. When you cultivate an alternative lifestyle, you produce alternative results. Maybe down the line you can have that white picket fence, but at least you’ll have interesting stories to tell at your PTA meetings!


Make A Difference

When you’re in a new place, you become a part of something meaningful in a community that’s been needing you all along, even if you don’t feel it in the beginning. Whether you know or it you don’t, sharing your language, your culture, and your experiences helps other people grow in the same way someone else’s stories helps you grow. I know you’re probably young and you might feel like you have nothing to share, but the English language alone is the key people need to enhance professional and educational opportunities for their whole family. Be confident in that!


Find Yourself

When you put yourself in a different setting, different parts of you start to surface. Skills you didn’t know you had, new boundaries of your personality to discover, and taste buds that haven’t even been activated yet! Honing in on these rare areas will paint a clearer picture of who you are to yourself; thus, empowering you to put yourself out there. Even if you find out what you don’t like, it means you’re finding out things you do like. So, find yourself… and your place in the world.



In a world where we can easily slip out of touch with reality, it is of utmost importance to be present and make connections with real live human beings. Yes, the internet is a magical place where we can talk to people across the world on a mass scale and we should definitely use it, but don’t forget to make the best out of your here and now. Instead of Google Mapping a location, buy your ticket! Don’t just Rosetta Stone a language, immerse yourself in it! The environment around you is a breathing organism that is always changing, don’t miss out on it!


Our little blue and green planet is filled with wonders, and they beckon you. Remember that “not all who wander are lost!” Have any questions? Share your comments with us! There’s nothing to be afraid of; the time is now!

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