5 Advantages of TEFL Training at ICEP Puerto Vallarta

We want to present you with 5 Advantages that we can offer you that no other TEFL provider can.


1. Puerto Vallarta has been declared as one of the safest travel destinations on the planet thanks to its majestic beaches, safe environment, happening nightlife and friendly people. However, Puerto Vallarta has much more to offer. With a local Mexican population of 120,000 and a booming demand for quality education, Puerto Vallarta is consolidating itself as one of the fastest growing cities in Mexico. You have a perfect balance between the look and feel of a relaxed beach town and the hustle and bustle of a developed city.


2. Guaranteed Job Placement: Our Job Placement service goes over and beyond any other you will find in the market. Don’t be fooled by providers that say they will give you “Job Guidance” for these schools are only looking to give you a couple of e-books on how to get jobs and send you on your way. ICEP TEFL contacts employers for you directly and arranges the interviews so all you have to do is choose the employer you wish to go with. We also place you on tip of the spear when it comes to career development since we will create a digital teaching portfolio for you online so you can contend for the most competitive employment options worldwide.


3. Excellent Training Facility: Our training facility in Puerto Vallarta is fully equipped, modern, and specifically designed for education.  Unlike many other providers who have retrofitted administrative offices or old buildings to accommodate their students, ICEP TEFL Training’s facility is a functioning school designed to house 1,000 students and located in of the best areas of Puerto Vallarta.


4. Exclusive Student Apartments: For housing you will not be sent to a random hotel. At ICEP TEFL Training we have apartments exclusively set up for our students. You will be housed with other TEFL trainees taking the course so that you can share your experience with fellow teachers in training.


5. Extracurricular Activities: We know that TEFL training is not about all work and no play which is why we provide you with FREE excursions to nearby beaches and a tour of Puerto Vallarta. On Sundays one of our staff members will organize the group and take you to the awesome beaches of Sayulita and San Pancho as well as give you the “Welcome to Puerto Vallarta” tour where you will be able to get to know all happening hot-spots in town.


These are just some of the advantages we have to offer.

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